Virginia Farm Wool Works


Dyes – colours and prices





·        Dyes for Animal Fibres - Wool, Silk, Alpaca, Mohair etc. and will also dye Nylon and Latte (Milk fibre)


o       “Landscape” Dyes                         $11.50 / 100g Pot      

Dyes 1kg dry weight of fibre

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“Landscape Elements 

 30 dyes in Australian regional colours such as

Coastal, Mountain, Rural.                 $11.50 / 100g Pot

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·   Dyes for Vegetable Fibres (Cotton. Linen, Rayon, Tencel, Acetate, etc.


DZ Direct dyes,   Multi purpose dyes for use in hot water (80-100 deg C) bright colours that, with the addition of salt, will dye cotton and other vegetable fibres. These dyes have limited colour fastness but are good economical craft dyes.   25 gms for  $7.50/ pot  (dyes 500g fibre)

Direct dyes colour chart                                              


                      Drimarene K.  Fibre-reactive cold water dyes used with soda ash.  Dyes are bright and have  good wash fastness.    25 gm pot will dye 500 gms fibre.  $8.80 ea.